FSA Member List

This is the complete list of members for FSA, including all inherited members.
acquireRep(const FSARep *rep)ObjectOf< FSARep > [inline, protected]
addFSA(int vert1, int vert2, const FSA &fsa)FSA [inline]
addLoop(int vert, ConstIntIterator F, ConstIntIterator L)FSA [inline]
addRay(int vert, ConstIntIterator F, ConstIntIterator L)FSA [inline]
change()ObjectOf< FSARep > [inline, protected]
deterministic() const FSA
edge_type typedefFSA
enhance() constObjectOf< FSARep > [inline, protected]
eraseEdge(int state1, int state2, int label)FSA [inline]
eraseState(int state)FSA [inline]
fold(const set< int > *candidates=NULL, list< FoldDetails > *details=NULL)FSA [inline]
FSA()FSA [inline]
FSA(const FSARep &rep)FSA [inline, private]
getInitStates() const FSA [inline]
getStates() const FSA [inline]
getStates()FSA [inline]
getTermStates() const FSA [inline]
isDeterministic() const FSA
liftup(const list< FoldDetails > &details, list< FSAEdge > &path, int init_state)FSA [inline]
look() constObjectOf< FSARep > [inline, protected]
makeInitial(int s)FSA [inline]
makeNonInitial(int s)FSA [inline]
makeNonTerminal(int s)FSA [inline]
makeTerminal(int s)FSA [inline]
newEdge(int state1, int state2, int label)FSA [inline]
newState()FSA [inline]
ObjectOf(const ObjectOf &o)ObjectOf< FSARep > [inline]
ObjectOf(FSARep *newrep)ObjectOf< FSARep > [inline, protected]
operator*(const FSA &F) const FSA
operator=(const ObjectOf &o)ObjectOf< FSARep > [inline]
operator==(const FSA &F) const FSA
pinch(int state1, int state2)FSA [inline]
state_type typedefFSA
unfold(const list< FoldDetails > &details)FSA [inline]
~ObjectOf()ObjectOf< FSARep > [inline]
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