FPGroup Member List

This is the complete list of members for FPGroup, including all inherited members.
FPGroup(int num=0)FPGroup
FPGroup(int numOfGen, const vector< Word > &relators)FPGroup
FPGroup(const FiniteAlphabet &a)FPGroup
FPGroup(const FiniteAlphabet &a, const vector< Word > &relators)FPGroup
getAlphabet() const FPGroup [inline]
getGeneratorsNames() const FPGroup [inline]
initializeGenNames(int num)FPGroup [static]
numberOfGenerators() const FPGroup [inline]
numOfGeneratorsFPGroup [protected]
operator<<(ostream &os, const FPGroup &group)FPGroup [friend]
operator>>(istream &is, FPGroup &group)FPGroup [friend]
randomEqWord_Baltimore(const Word &w, int length, float conj_param) const FPGroup
randomIdentity_Baltimore(int length, float conj_param) const FPGroup
randomIdentity_Classic(int length, float conj_param) const FPGroup
randomIdentity_Stack(int length) const FPGroup
relators() const FPGroup [inline]
theAlphabetFPGroup [protected]
theRelatorsFPGroup [protected]
triangulatePresentation() const FPGroup
useDefaultAlphabetFPGroup [protected]
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