AImage Member List

This is the complete list of members for AImage, including all inherited members.
AImage()AImage [inline]
AImage(int w, int h)AImage [inline]
AImage(const string &in_file_name)AImage [inline]
AImage(const AImage &i)AImage [inline]
AImage(const AImage &image, int tlx, int tly, int brx, int bry, bool zero_pading)AImage [inline]
getHeight() const AImage [inline]
getSize() const AImage [inline]
getType() const =0AImage [pure virtual]
getWidth() const AImage [inline]
heightAImage [protected]
saveTo(const string &file_name)=0AImage [pure virtual]
sizeAImage [protected]
widthAImage [protected]
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