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Webb Institute LogoLocated in Glen Cove, NY on the Long Island Sound, Webb Institute is a unique, top-ranked undergraduate institution offering only one major: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. It is also the only full-tuition scholarship private undergraduate program of its kind in the country.

Webb Institute was founded by William H. Webb, the foremost shipbuilder in New York City during the second half of the 19th century. As shipbuilders began to replace wooden hulls with iron ones, Webb realized that a formal and detailed shipbuilding education was needed to replace the apprenticeship system that had taught him his trade.

At Webb students live and study on the shore of the Long Island Sound. They learn both the practical and theoretical aspects of naval architecture and marine engineering. They work in the industry every winter. Webb Institute is top-ranked, the students of Webb pay no tuition, and life at Webb is a great adventure.

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