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Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin LogoLockheed Martin Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems - Marine Systems has a proud heritage of designing and building advanced technology products. The company has designed some of the most advanced ship hull forms operating today. Located in Baltimore, Lockheed Martin NE&SS-Marine Systems is a leader in the field of Naval Engineering by virtue of its combination of business and technology leadership in Advanced Marine Platforms, Ship Automation and Ship Integration. Currently, Lockheed Martin is integrating state-of-the-art ship automation, navigation and control products, and technologies and services from several systems integration companies to create a powerful, modular and affordable Total Ship Automation System (TSAS). Under this program, key commercial products and technology will be seamlessly integrated to complement military automation capabilities. Lockheed Martin's Sea SLICE technology is a patented ship design that enables Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) ships to operate at higher speeds without sacrificing efficiency by retaining a characteristic low motion in a seaway. In recognition of the Naval Engineering industry's emerging challenges, the company recently added a new product line - Small Advanced Technology Ships and Ship Integration.


AMSEC LogoAMSEC LLC (AMSEC) is a subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries. AMSEC's focus is on life-cycle based, beginning-to-end support of ships. These integrated services match the requirements of systems integration found in all aspects of design, operation and disposal of ships. NG owns and operates three of the largest Naval shipyards in the United States. The component of AMSEC devoted to ship design is the former M. Rosenblatt & Son, Inc. (MR&S), which was acquired in 2000. Over a 53 year period, MR&S gained an international reputation for its work and grew to become one of the largest firms accomplishing naval architecture, marine, electrical and ocean engineering. AMSEC/MR&S has experience in the design of virtually every craft and ship with extensive ship systems integration applied to achieve the required functionality. The company currently has some tasking on virtually every Naval ship being designed and built in the United States; they are the naval architects of record for the Lockheed Martin team selected to design and construct the future vessels of the U. S. Coast Guard in the Deepwater Program; and are working with the Army and the Italian Shipyard Fincanteri to bring their high-speed vessel technology to support U.S. Sealift. AMSEC makes use of all of the latest computer technology including the latest software for concept to detail design and production, system analysis and design, ship costing transportation analysis and program management of design efforts. The company has developed its own design software, including a computer-based design synthesis program architecture developed under contract to the Gulf Coast Regional Maritime Technology Center.

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Lockheed Martin

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